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to the Memory of L/Cpl Joseph K. Fish USMC

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Joseph Kenneth "Jody" Fish lost his life in the February Tet offensive of 1968. He was killed in Hue City in house-to-house fighting.

Jody had just two weeks to go before his tour was over. He wrote me just a few days before his death. Jody was looking forward to getting on the freedom bird and coming back to the real world to resume his civilian life. I didn't write back and to this day that has haunted me.

Maybe with this small effort I'll be able to let Jody rest in peace.

Jody was a person that you could not help but like. He was my best friend and I loved him like a brother. Not a day has gone by that I have not thought of him. I've often spoken to my family about him and what a caring person he was. Whatever Jody did he did with his heart and soul.

I met with one of Jody's friends who was with him when he died. At the time I did not realize what that young man was going through. I only wish I could speak with him again. Possibly, someone will see this who was in the Marines with Jody and will contact me.

Like Jody said to me once during a high school football game, "Hey, Bull, meet you at the quarterback".

Well, my friend, you have been gone a long time but will be in my heart forever and yes, I will meet you once again.

Your friend Bryan,
Vietnam 70-71

Trained as a communicator, he died as a small unit leader of infantry. His last words to me in Hue City during an inspection of our lines were, "Sir, I don't always know what I am doing, but I sure try hard."

Semper fidelis…
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